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  • Is This Full Employment?

    The economy is doing well. Our last quarter’s annualized GDP growth was 4.2%, inflation has stayed moderately high, but below 3%, and foreign investors continue to pour capital into U.S. markets. We have even begun to see wage growth previously… Read More ›

  • Currency Adjustments and “Contagion”

    Today I want to talk about debt. Not the kind you think about when you see headlines about student loans, credit cards, or the federal budget. No, this is a very special kind of debt, a kind you likely will… Read More ›

  • Fiscal Policy Part 2 – A Primer on Tariffs

    If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past half year or so, you likely saw some variation of this headline on the news: “Trade war heating up with China and/or the EU and/or Canada and/or Mexico!” “Trump… Read More ›

  • To Insure Promptitude, Not Wages

    Tipping was never originally intended to replace a fair wage. So why does it now? And what happens when service employees are paid the same, or more, than everyone else?

  • Volatility, Fundamental Analysis, and the Bear Market of 2018

    The week of March 20 – 24 2018 was the worst week for the American stock market in over two years. Both the Dow and the S&P declined over 5% in a week, entering correction territory, and concerns are mounting… Read More ›

  • Gun Violence: An Economic Problem with an Economic Solution

    Guns in America are a uniquely polarizing issue. Some people are repulsed at the very sight of a gun, while others are in love with them and the culture they represent. Surely they have important importance throughout our history, but… Read More ›